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               (The Beginning of San Felese/Lucanian Mass Immigration to the U.S. 1860-1866)

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                     Garibaldi's Voyage from Genoa to Marsala 1860 

             The Garibaldi's Revolutionary Navy's American Admiral 

             Garibaldi and the "1000" Landing at Marsala  May11, 1860   

             Garibaldi's March to the Sicilian Capitol of Palermo   

              The Battle For Palermo   

              The Mazzini Affair   

              The Changing Complexion of Garibaldi's July 1860 Sicilian Campaign

              St. Giustino Jacobus

              Garibaldi and the Invasion of the Southern Italian Mainland


                       The Fight For Unification Comes To The Mainland Of Southern Italy   

              Rotonda- September 2, 1860   

              The People and City of Naples Saved,  September 6, 1860 

              Piedmont_Sardinia Goes Al-in Against the Bourbon Regime  

              The Battle of Volturno  

              Road to the Southern Italian Unification, Plebiscite   October 21, 1860   

              The Arrival of the Piedmont Army in the South   

              The American Civil War and its Effect on 19th Century Itaian Immigrants  

              Garibaldi's Confederate Colonel




              The Ex-Bourbon Soldiers That Fought For The Confederacy

              Interesting Facts Related to Italian Service in the Grand Army of the Republic

              Disbanding the Southern Italian Insurgent Volunteers

              N Y C Five Points- America's First Toxic Industrial Ghetto -  Part 1  

              N Y C Five Points- America's First Toxic Industrial Ghetto -  Part 2  

              N Y C Five Points- America's First Toxic Industrial Ghetto -  Part 3

              The Seige of Gaeta 

              The First Italian Parliament After Unification 

              The Economics of Post-Unification Southern Italy 

              Surrender Your Dreams, Your Liberty, and Your Dignity   

              The Making of a Southern Briganti  

              Piedmont-Sardinia declare War on Greater Luciana  

              The Lucanian Spring Campaing 1861  

              Summer 1861 Insurgent Campaign in Southern Italy 

              The Massacre At Pontelandolfi 

              The arrival of Bourbon General Jose Borjes in Lucania 

              Winter of the Lucanian Insurgency 1861 

              A Penny For Your Thoughts 

              The Spring of 1862 in Luciania 

              Lucanian Insurrection and "Roma O Morte"? 



The Immediate Aftermath of Roma O Morte Campaign Failure   

                  A Book Of Passage   

               Two Borders Half A World Apart   

               The Systematic Destruction of Southern Italian Culture & Economy 1861   

                   The Adoption of "Legge Pica" Legislation August 1863   

               Rural Southern Italy/Lucania Placed On Trial 1864   

               Crocco's Retreat from the Mountains of Basilicata 1864 

                   1865 An End To Military Conflict But Not A Beginning Of Peace 

               The Beginning of Trenton's Italian Chambersburg Section 1866  New Article 8-30-2017

               The Austro-Prussian War of 1866 and The Third War of Italian Unification 1866  New Article 9-30-2017

               The Southern Italian Response to the Third War of Italian Unification  New Article 10-30-2017



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