Regional History


                                                                                                                  by Thomas Frascella




In 2012 our organization celebrated its 110th anniversary.  We have, since our beginning, been a family and culture based organization. It had become apparent to us that as our community spread out from its original urban centers that our opportunity to share our common history was being lost. Our dependence on family oral tradition could not overcome the distances and reduced contact that modern American life was dictating. Our membership requested that we develop a strategy to insure that our descendants would be able in the future to access the heritage, culture and experiences of our ancestors.


From a basic desire to preserve and convey our common past has come this attempt at developing a website and the Regional History that follows. It is a work in progress. Our goal is not to present an academic study but rather to provide our community with the tools to connect to historical points of interest common to them. As a result, we are publishing the history in sixteen installments of two a year. We intend to provide a new installment to coincide with each of our two major gathering events, the family picnic and the Christmas Luncheon. Most Americans of Italian descent have ancestors that immigrated from southern Italy. While some of the events discussed in our history are specific to San Fele, many are common to the greater region. To the extent that our history encourages others to explore their ancestry or provides them access and overview, we welcome their visits to our site.


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                                     Beginning  to 1275 A.D. 

                                                                 Beginning  to 1275 A.D.          CHAPTER 1 

                                      1275 A. D.  to   1700 A. D.                                              

                                                                    1275 A. D.  to   1700 A. D.-   CHAPTER 2   Installment 1

                                                                    1275 A. D.  to   1700 A. D.-   CHAPTER 2   Installment 2

                                                                     1275 A. D.  to   1700 A. D.-  CHAPTER 2   Installment 3

                                                                     1275 A. D.  to   1700 A. D.-  CHAPTER 2   Installment 4


                                  1700 A. D.  to   1880 A. D.

                                                                   1700 to 1759-  CHAPTER 3   Installment 1

                                                                                             1759 to 1799-  CHAPTER 3   Installment 2
                                                                                             1800 to 1816-  CHAPTER 3   Installment 3

                                                                                             1800 to 1816-  CHAPTER 3   Installment 4

                                                                                             1816 to 1832-  CHAPTER 3   Installment 5

                                                                                 1816 to 1832-  CHAPTER 3   Installment 6

                                                            New! 4-3-2013!    1830 to 1850-  History of Southern Italy   



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