1888 SAN FELE IMMIGRATION LIST  Part 2 of 2 

By: TOM FRASCELLA                                                                                                                          March 2013


 Professor Stia’s immigration list for 1888 is interesting in two respects. First, the Professor marks this year as the end of the first phase of immigration from San Fele which he describes as a  “tidal wave” of migration. Second, it is a list of names of individuals and families migrating at least first to neighboring towns rather than to the U.S. It is not possible to determine precisely when these people immigrated to the U.S. but it is known that “groups would leave from San Fele and or other towns. I think the lis reflects San Felese that became part of groups leaving with others from surrounding Lucanian villages and towns. I am supplying the list in two parts with the first part marking the two largest groups who left from Melfi the county seat and Atella which would have been on the route to Naples. For convenience the reader can click on the following link to access the map of the region to locate the towns these early immigrants are travelling to at the start of their journey. Click HERE for maps of the Basilicata region of Italy


                         Continuation Of 1888 Immigration List





  1. Marinello Giuseppe fu Antonio




  1. Gerardi Vitantonio fu Vincenzo
  2. Grosso Antonio fu Vincenzo
  3. Natale Vincenzo e figlio
  4. Natale Andrea




  1. Sasso Francesco fu Vincenzo
  2.  Calabrese Pietrangelo
  3. Figl di Calabrese Sebastiano
  4. Figli di Gerardi Nicola
  5.  Casalino Vito fu Vincenzo




  1. Tomasulo Lonardantonio
  2. Famiglia di Carnevale Sebastiano
  3. Famiglia di Dell’Ape Vito Michele
  4. Famiglia di Fuccillo Nicola
  5. Martone Giuseppe
  6. Graziano Vitantonio di Michele
  7. Pascale Vincenzo di Domenico
  8.  Faggella Giuseppe di fu Vito Michele




  1. Pelosi Giuseppe fu Michele
  2. Quaratiello Felice
  3.  Sisti Angelantonio e fratello
  4. Chieca Sebastiano fu Lenardo
  5.  Cerone Andrea
  6.  di Vito Giovanni
  7.  Massari Annibale
  8.  Tomasulo Vincenzo di Pasquale
  9. Ranaldi Michele fu Sebastiano
  10.  D’Onofrio Vitantonio fu Giuseppe




  1. Mariniello Giuseppe fu Antonio
  2. Rimollino Michelle fu Domenico
  3. Caputi Sebastiano fu Pietro
  4. Caputi Luigi fu Pietro
  5. Pittaro Vincenzo fu Angelo Antonio






  1. Massari Vito fu Giuseppe




  1. Tarangelo Valerio fu Michele
  2. Pittaro Francesco Pastore
  3. Pesce Vincenzo fu Francesco
  4. Rosania Pasquale




  1. D’Onofrio Antonio e figlio
  2. Corritore Sebastiano
  3. Corritore Nicola
  4. Marraffino Sebastiano fu Vito




  1. Fabrizio Francesco fu Giovanni
  2. Papa Francesco bracciale
  3. Russo Antonio fu Michelangelo
  4. Fabrizio Francesco fu Berardino




  1. Grieco Don Giuseppe




  1. Grieco Donato




  1. Fabrizio Michele fu Vincenzo




  1. Grosso Vitantonio di Andrea




  1. di Filippo Pasquale
  2.  Fabrizio Giuseppe fu Salvatore


                        Casale di Filiano


  1. Caputi Nicola fu Canio




  1. Marinaro Giuseppe fu Vito
  2. Tozzi Nicola fu Michele
  3.  Tomasulo Vito Luigi di Giovanni
  4.  Serritella Giuseppe e Famiglia
  5. Tafaro Antonio Volupano
  6.  la Rossa Vito Michele
  1.  Grieco Vito Vincenzo fu Antonio
  2.  Faggella Vito Sotica Cristo
  3.  Massari Pietro fu Giuseppe
  4.  Sapio Sebastiano Carnedicane
  5.  Sapio Saverio Carnedicane
  6.  Gamma Lonardantonio
  7.  Cavallo Antonio




As you can see from the above list many San Felese were leaving with groups from other nearby towns and also a number of the entries indicate that  whole families are leaving together.


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