1888 SAN FELE IMMIGRATION LIST  Part 1 of 2 

By: TOM FRASCELLA                                                                                                                          JANUARY 2013


 Professor Stia’s immigration list for 1888 is interesting in two respects. First, the Professor marks this year as the end of the first phase of immigration from San Fele which he describes as a  “tidal wave” of migration. Second, it is a list of names of individuals and families migrating at least first to neighboring towns rather than to the U.S. It is not possible to determine precisely when these people immigrated to the U.S. but it is known that “groups would leave from San Fele and or other towns. I think the lis reflects San Felese that became part of groups leaving with others from surrounding Lucanian villages and towns. I am supplying the list in two parts with the first part marking the two largest groups who left from Melfi the county seat and Atella which would have been on the route to Naples. For convenience the reader can click on the following link to access the map of the region to locate the towns these early immigrants are travelling to at the start of their journey. Click HERE for maps of the Basilicata region of Italy


                         1888 List  




  1. Figli del fu Girardi Carmine
  2. Fuccillo Nicola
  3. Caputi Domenico fu Nicola
  4. la Morte Gerardo
  5. Figli di Ruggieri Francesco
  6. Liccione Sebastiano fu Francesco
  7. Figli Tomasulo Sebastiano
  8. Liccione Giuseppe fu Francesco
  9. Giorgio Lonardo fu Francesco
  10. Giorgio Sebastiano fu Francesco
  11. Santoro Michele
  12. Macrino Donato fu Pasquale





1.Marraffino Sebastiano fu Donato

2. Figli di Cataldo Vito

3. di Filippo Sebastiano

4. Sperduto Gennaro

5. Carnevale Antonio Fancotto

6. Ricigliano Francesco Rifuosso

7. Sisti Francesco

8. Crecca Giuseppe fu Antonio

9. Famiglia di Marco Francesco

10. Famiglia di Cardone Vito

11. Figli di Amoroso Antonio

12. Crecca Vito fu Felice

13. Ricigliano Francesco Rifuosso

14. Sperduto Giuseppe

15.Sperduto Lonardo

16. Figli di Carnevale Antonio Milano

17. Figli di Tronolone Francesco Barruffo

18. Linardi Vito

19. Gagliotta Giovanni

20. Caputi Frabcesco fu Vincenzo

21. Marolda Lonardo

22. Summa Vito

23. Chieca Giuseppe

24. del Priore Vito

25. Pierri Nicola

26. Marchese Domenico

27. Calabrese Pietro d’Agostino

28. Lorenzo Antonio fu Sabastiano

29. Lorenzo Angelo fu Sabastiano

30. Mattia Saverio

31. Carnevale Sebastiano Fancotto

32. Tafaro Vincenzo la Tigra

33. sapio Antonio fu Sebastiano

34. Lupo Antonio

35. Famiglia di Majo Carminantonio

36. Famiglia di Majo Angiolillo

37. Majurro Francesco

38. Silvestro Antonio fuPasquale

39. Luciano Vincenzo fu Andrea

40. Il figlio di Vito Scarpone

41. Vetromile Vito Luigi

42. Lanza Vincenzo fu Pasquale

43. Lanza Antonio fu Pasquale

44. de Napoli Teodoro fu Potito

45. di Napoli Vincenzo

46. di Napoli Nicola

47. Calabrese Pietrangelo

48. Calabrese Domenico

49. Graziano Michele Marcellino

50. Russo Michelangelo fu Potito

51. Marraffino Berardino fu Donato

52. Santomenna Giuseppe di Nicola

53. Russo Giovanni fu Potito

54. Cecere Antonio fu Michele

55. Andriacci Giuseppe la Vedova

56 Linardi Giovani

57. Famiglia di Mangione Giuseppe

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