Societa' Femminile Sanfelese Madonna Assunta di Pierno


Our San Felese Society in Central New Jersey was incorporated as a 'brotherhood" or all male organization in 1902. It's purpose and mission has always been the welfare of the community. With the Society's family orientation and focus there was originally no need for a separate San Felese "sisterhood" society to form. A need however was determined by the community with the advent of World War II.

With national mobilization the community found many of it's young people answering the call for military duty. Mothers, sisters and wives found their loved ones engaged on the front lines of a global conflict. In our own community men in uniform found themselves in harm's way from the moment of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

As a result of the conflict the ladies of the community formed the Societa' Femminile Sanfelese Madonna Assunta di Pierno on June 9th, 1942. The traditional special devotion to the Madonna as protector in times of peril especially in times of war follows the community's long history

We have not located a record of the original membership but thanks to the rescue efforts of Joan Krammer and Donna Ecker we are able to preserve a copy of their original membership card. Through Joan and Donna's efforts we were also able to reconstruct the Societa' membership roster from 1958.

We would like to acknowledge that it was the Societa that organized the fundraiser to refurbish our Trenton Statue of the Madonna in the late 1960's. While many of the ladies on the membership roster are no longer with us we acknowledge their many contributions through the years. We are including the 1958 list on our webpage so that their efforts are not overlooked. Our membership today in an "all inclusive male and female San Fele Society" reflects many of the descendants of the women on the roster list.




                                                                                                    Original Membership Card






                                                                                 1958 Membership Roster

Theresa Andreaccio          Adeline Baldassari            Maria Brugnoli                 Catherine Buchino            Maria Capone                            Lugresia Carlucci

Myrtle Carpenter              Carmela Chiavone            Maria Cifelli                     Carmela Consention          Philemena Crecco                      Mary Cucinotta

Jennie DeAngelo               Maria DeAngelo               Maria Donato DiLeo        Maria DiPaola                 Nancy Edwards                          Catherine Fabrizio

Agnes Fasanella                Marguerita Felcone           Immaculata Frascella       Jennie Frascella                Lucy Frascella                             Josephine Gallello

Mary Giordano                Agnes Graziano                Angelin Grosso                 Theresa Guarino              Vita Maria Gugliemelli                  Marian Hoffman

Mary Hornyak                 Angela Joseph                  Rose Lagana                    Theresa LiVolsi                Josephine Maiorino                      Theresa Mancuso

Josephine Manto              Agnes Matera                   Lucy Miktus                     Jennie Montani                Rose Muscante                             Catherine Petrino

Mary Petromany              Rosa Pinto                        Brigita Puglise                  Maria Pulone                    Theresa Radice                             Maria Ricigliano

Philomena Ricigliano         Josephine Rosati                Maria Rubino                 Catherine Ruskai               Maria Russo                                 Nancy Russo

Angelina Sapio                Lucy Scatuocci                   Maria Sista                     Carmela Stia                      Maria Sylvester                            Philomena Tarangelo

Catherline Tomasulo        Theresa Vitella                   Elizabeth Yano



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