San Felese Lodge – General Meeting, September 19, 2019

Meeting opened with a flag salute and a prayer. Twenty-five members were present. All officers were present.

Minutes & Treasurer’s Report:   Minutes from the May 16, 2019 general meeting were approved as submitted. Treasurer Rose Stia reported a current treasury balance of $XXXXX.

Elections: The first ballot vote was taken for the office of Vice-President.  The final slate of nominees is Bill Frascella, Diane Bonnano and Melissa Force.  The slate of nominees has been closed.  The final ballet vote will take place at the next meeting on November 20, 2019.    The offices of President, Secretary & Treasurer were uncontested.

Sick & Vigil:  Member Floria Brenna passed away on July 14th.  Gregory Chiaramonti, (son of member Therese Fowler) passed away on August 16th.  Remember them and their families in your prayers.    Keep in prayer Diane Bonnano who is recuperating from knee surgery and Maria Schaaf who continues to heal from a fall. 

Membership: Two applications were reviewed, voted on and approved.  We welcome our two new members, Francine Cracker & Darlene DeLorenzo

Scholarships: Chair Jerry DeLorenzo recapped the scholarship luncheon held on June 29th for the 2019 Scholarship Recipients.  There were 65 people present, including past and present recipients and their parents and families.  To date we have received thank you notes from Luke Tartaglia & Daniel Frascella.  The 2020 Applications will be available on our website after the New Year.   Children & Grandchildren of our current, active (dues paying) members  who will be graduating in the Spring of 2020 will be eligible to apply.   Scholarship donations always welcome!

Mercer County Italian American Festival:  Our lodge will once again be represented with a booth during the three day festival being held in Mercer County. 

Final Reports:  Trenton Thunder 7/19/19:  40 tickets were purchased and we wish to thank everyone who attended.  Mass and Luncheon Pierno Feast 8/18/19.  Mass was celebrated and 18 members attended the brunch that followed. 

Church in San Fele Restoration Project:    Total collected to date is $420 with another pledge made at the meeting of $300 bringing the total to $720.  Member Dan Brenna will add his own funds to this amount as well and contact the priest in San Fele as to how to transfer the money to his church. 

Solicitations:   Italian American National Hall of Fame Ad for ¼ page for $125 approved; MCIAFA Christopher Columbus Gala Ad ½ page for $75 approved.  Reimbursements:  $124.33 (2 Mass cards @$10 each, Mailing/Stamps $104.33)

Christmas Luncheon & Ad Booklet:  Please refer to the two enclosed flyers

Dues:  Those that have paid their dues and have not received your membership cards previously will find them in the mailing.  For those that have not paid dues, you will find a note regarding payment of your dues. Upon receipt of your dues, your membership card will be mailed to you.

-Feast of St. Gerard:  Celebrated on Wednesday, October 16th   more details can be found at

-November 20th: General Meeting, 7:00 P.M. Italian Heritage Center, 2421 Liberty St. Hamilton, NJ.  Final Elections

Meeting adjourned. Refreshments served.

Respectfully submitted:  Frank Bruno, Secretary