San Felese Lodge – General Meeting, May 16, 2019

Meeting opened with a flag salute and a prayer. Eighteen members were present. All officers were present, except for the Vice President who was excused. 

Minutes & Treasurer’s Report:   Minutes from the March 21, 2019 general meeting were approved as submitted. Treasurer Rose Stia reported a current treasury balance of $xxxxxxx

Elections: Elections will be held in July of this year. Those elected will serve a two year term. The second slate of those running for office was announced.   President:  Thomas P. Frascella; Vice President:  Bill Frascella,  Diane Bonanno, & Melissa Force; Treasurer:  Rose Stia; Secretary:  Frank Bruno.  A third slate will be presented on June 29th at the Scholarship Luncheon.  Those interested in running for office can still be nominated at the June event.  Elections will be held on July 17th.  In order to vote by private ballot you MUST be PRESENT at the July meeting.  The person receiving the majority of the votes will assume the office. If a position is uncontested no ballot vote will be taken. 

Sick & Vigil:  No report

Membership: No new members to report

Scholarships: Chair Jerry DeLorenzo presented 7 names for vote.  The membership voted to award scholarships in the amount of $700 each to Daniel Frascella, Lauren Frascella, Christian Garcia, Vincenza Grilletto, Kyle Kontura, Adrianna Provost & Luke Tartaglia.  Each recipient and their parents have been personally invited via a letter to their home and are expected to attend this luncheon to receive their monetary awards.  Other family members and members of our organization are also encouraged to attend to show their support.     The luncheon (12-3 PM) will be held at the Boat House Marina, located in Mercer County Park, Village Road in West Windsor. The cost is $40.00. We hope to see many of you there.  Reservations and payment can be made to the San Felese Society , PO Box 9328, Trenton NJ  08650 (checks payable to San Felese Society).  Donations towards our scholarship fund are always welcome and very much appreciated.  Jerry DeLorenzo made a suggestion for the society to prepare and send out a thank you letter to every donor.  The motion was approved. 

Mercer County Italian American Festival Association:  Will host a scholarship dinner for 10 area high school students.  Also at this dinner, the Festival Association will be presenting checks to several Italian-American organizations in support of their scholarship programs.  The San Felese Society is one of the organizations receiving a $500 gift.  The date is Thursday,  June 13th at the Heritage Center, 2421 Liberty St. at 6:30 p.m.  The cost is just $10 for a full buffet dinner.  As Cav. John Scarpati has been supportive of our organization for many years, we are asking that as many members as possible attend this dinner.  Please reserve by emailing:    Payment can be made at the door but we need reservations in advance.    Frank Bruno is the scholarship chair who will be hosting and presenting the awards to the students.  We hope to see many of you there.

San Felese Association of Western New York:  Will hold its bi-annual reunion on Saturday, June 15th in Buffalo NY.  Anyone interested in attending or have further questions, please contact John Christiano at 716-479-3290 or email

Correspondence:    2 Thank you notes received; one from the Sunshine Foundation for our gift of $50 towards their annual dreamlift; and the other one from American Legion Boy’s State Sponsorship for our gift of $250

Solicitations (approved): $ 50.00 from Ancient Order of Hibernians for Hole Sponsor for their upcoming golf tournament. 

New Business: Member Daniel Brenna recently visited San Fele and learned the Church (Our Lady of the Oaks) is closed due to water damage.  The community needs help to pay for the repairs.  Dan suggested that our organization and perhaps the San Felese Association of Western New York and St. Lucy’s Church in Newark work together to provide donations.  See enclosed flyer.  


Upcoming Events:  Plan ahead/Save the Date

-June 29th, Scholarship Luncheon – Boathouse Marina, Mercer County Park 12 – 3 pm.  Reserve now

-July 17th, General Meeting, Elections to be held:   Italian American Heritage Center, 2421 Liberty St. Hamilton NJ 08629.

-July 19th, Thunder Baseball 7:00 P.M., Arm & Hammer Park, Rte. 29, Trenton ,N.J. Forty (40) seats reserved. $10.00 per ticket. Send payment to San Felese Society, PO Box 9328, Trenton, NJ 08650 Tickets will be sent upon payment.

- August 18th, Feast of Our Lady of Pierno, St. Joachim’s Church, Butler St., Trenton  N.J.; 9:30 AM Mass followed by Brunch at Mastoris Restaurant, Bordentown  N.J.  Cost $20.00 please reserve by sending payment to San Felese Society, PO Box 9328, Trenton, NJ  08650.

-September 19th:  General Meeting, 7:00 P.M. Site to be announced.

-September 27, 28, 29th:  Mercer County Italian American Festival:  The 20th annual festival will be held in Mercer County Park and we plan on having a booth with our memorabilia.  Make plans to attend and help us staff our booth.

-Oct (date to be determined):  We’re hoping to put together a trip to visit the National Shrine of St. Gerard located in St. Lucy’s Church in Newark, NJ.  More details to follow.

-November 14th: General Meeting, 7:00 P.M. Site to be announced.



 Meeting adjourned. Refreshments served.


Respectfully submitted:  Frank Bruno, Secretary