When most people talk about the great migration of Italians, the Italian Diaspora, they are referring to the period 1880-1930. During this fifty year period approximately 15 million Italians, 80% of them southern Italians left Italy and resettled throughout the world. It is one of the largest peaceful migrations of people over a short period of time in human history. It is easy to get lost in the shear scope of the numbers represented. However, for those of us who are descendants of the folks who made that long journey to so many far away places, the numbers represent our individual family stories.

 In this section of the San Felese story, we recognize that our ancestors were a part of this great immigration pattern. Close examination of Italian immigration statistics suggests that each region of Italy tended to peak in date and intensity of immigration at slightly varied numbers. I think that the best way to understand our San Felese ancestorís journey and how they fit into the overall pattern is to break the pattern down into parts. In the coming website articles we will provide information under the following subheadings;

  PART A. Italian Immigration generally, and specifically to the U.S.

  PART B. Lucanian Immigration generally, and specifically to the U.S.

  PART C. San Felese Immigration generally, and specifically to the U.S.

  PART D. The Causes of Italian Mass Migration .


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