San Felese Family Tree


As part of our society’s continuing effort to organize and secure our family group heritage the Lodge is requesting that its members complete one or both of the following “family tree” forms. Traditionally our Lodge records and application require the identification of only one San Felese ancestor for purposes of membership.  We have not recognized in the process that many members have multiple San Felese family ties, ie. mother and father,  multiple San Felese grandparents etc.  Records which reflect the multiple family ties are not available in our record’s data base and have not been preserved. It is our intention by asking for the forms to be completed that we overcome the deficiency in our records. Please take a few minutes to click on the forms below and submit them. Preserving this information now insures that it will be available to our children’s children in the future.

The following are two links to the Family Search. Org  web site. The site is free and sign up is required. 
Visit the website  
The records for the county of Melfi are available for the following dates.

Visit the web page for the San Fele Birth, Death & Marriage records which covers
the years 1861 to 1907 and in some cases thru 1921.


                                                      Family Tree Form Father's Side                                                           Family Tree Form Mother's Side


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