Church of the Most Precious Blood

This document was sent to us by researcher Frank Tamburello who is researching the records at the Church of the Most Precious Blood in

Old Little Italy in New York City. The invoice dates to 1916. It indicates that the Church used to contain an alter and copy of the

 Madonna Di Pierno which was refurbished at a cost of $2,500 in 1916.  The funds were raised by the Congrega Assunta Ma Donna Di Pierno. In

 other words the San Felese of the parish. Two things of note 1. this  is a sizeable amount of money raised for the project in 1916. 2. the

alter must have been at the Church for at least a generation as it needed to be refurbished. Some of the New York Times articles from

 before 1900 seem to indicate the San Felese would process from this  Church in Little Italy and cross the Brooklyn Bridge to the Church of

Michael the Archangel in Brooklyn at the intersection of Tillary and Lawrence sts on the Madonna feast day.


Question: Do any of our members or readers have any information about

 the alter, statue or present location of either?




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